From Horses to... Waterfalls?

You may have noticed that my work focuses heavily on horses.  <ahem>  Almost exclusively, one might say.  However, I do occasionally turn my camera toward other subjects.  Mostly wildlife, but sometimes landscapes or other things -- whatever catches my eye or inspires me.  Not all of it makes it into my online gallery, of course, but it keeps my eyes fresh and my photography skills sharp.  

One of the things I love about photography is that the learning process never ends.  I learn by trying new things, finding new inspirations, and by connecting with talented colleagues.  For example, I just signed up for a photography clinic in Oregon for this spring, led by my friend and colleague Suzon Murray of Fuzzywunkle.  We will be photographing several waterfalls over the course of 3 days.  Having co-taught workshops with her in the past, I know what a talented instructor she is, and how knowledgeable she is, so I'm really looking forward to pushing outside my own comfort zone.

There are still spots available if you'd like to join us.  Just go to her Fuzzywunkle website and check it out.  I don't get any kickbacks if you enroll, by the way -- I just love promoting those who offer quality services and do great work!